About Us

Indian Thyroid Society (ITS) is a registered National organization which was formed in 2003. The aim of the organization is to promote education to professionals in the field of Thyroid disorders, support patients with Thyroid diseases by imparting evidence based scientific information and encourage research in thyroidology. ITS was established with Prof. R. V Jayakumar as Founder President and Dr Harish Kumar as Secretary and Dr A G Unnikrishnan as Treasurer The society membership includes Physicians, Surgeons, Endocrinologists, Endocrine surgeons, ENT surgeons and Nuclear Physicians. Currently organization has nearly 2000 members.

The Society started publishing a Journal named ‘Thyroid Research and Practice’ from 2008.

The first National conference of ITS was held in Kochi in 2005. The organisation continues to conduct Annual scientific meetings and other educational programmes.

List of ITS Annual Conference & other meetings

  • National Conference Kochi 2023
  • National Conference Bangalore 2019
  • National Conference New Delhi 2017
  • National Conference Kolkotta 2015
  • AOTA Congress (International) Kochi 2014
  • National Conference Kochi 2014
  • National Conference Bangalore 2013
  • National Conference Varanasi 2010
  • National Conference Hyderabad 2009
  • Third National Conference Udaipur 2007
  • Second National Conference Lucknow 2006
  • First ITS National Conference Kochi 2005
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